Cupid and Maria Jimena

Retirement, of sorts, provides a number of privileges. We can celebrate holidays before or after the actual day. Christmas shopping is always better afterwards for example. Other advantages ares less people and often a softer bite on the wallet; very much retirement benefits as well.

Last night was our Valentines date. Cupid and the Calypso Couple headed over to the Arcoiris Restaurant on Zicatela. Aside from love itself the driving force was to hear Maria Jimena.

We have seen Maria play at the Puerto Music Fest – where as a first act we thought she stole the show – as well as smaller venues around town.

Originally from Mexico City Maria Jimena is now a jewel in Puerto’s crown. She is a lovely, gentle spirit who can belt out Procol Harum, Zeppelin and Janis Joplin with as much aplomb as Mexican pop and traditional music coming from a mixture of Spanish, African and Aztec or other indigenous sources. She is the real deal. A must see if you are here in Puerto.

A 20 year visitor to Puerto from Chicago came over to our table to tell Anita that she was very, very lovely and that everyone at her table had been remarking about her beauty. She went on to suggest I am a lucky fellow – no argument there.

The owner of Arcoiris Restaurant bought us a round of drinks for late arriving food. We were in no hurry – but thank you all the same.

The Calypso Couple wish you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay Tuned!

  • Kwallelno

    Pretty people sitting at ones tables brings in those who would  enjoy the glow. Buying drinks for lovely people is a good investment at any place that wants to attract more customers. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.  

  • John Calypso

     I can only add to that – excellent food is the rest of that story.

  • Kelsi

    Your bride is very attractive from the pics I’ve seen. And that’s so sweet that a lady came over to your table to tell her that.
    I love it when women compliment other women. Very classy. 

  • John Calypso

     Kelsi – It was indeed a very nice gesture and flattening for both of us ;-)