La Orquesta Primavera de Oaxaca

After just a few days of getting Anita’s brother settled they found a bungalow to rent and started the arduous task of moving in on Saturday. To celebrate we designated Sunday as a day of rest and Sunday night as date night.

We met with the new Puerto Escondido residents early in the morning to have breakfast at the Bungalows Restaurant and then off to watch some of the national surfing finals and maybe catch a glimpse of the bikini contest. Of course the weather was perfect and waves offered up a challenge with some 11+ footers.

Early evening we went for a new pizza experience and to hear La Orquesta Primavera de Oaxaca.

Two months ago an Argentinean couple opened a charming new and welcome addition to Puerto’s dining scene, “Marquerido” Located at the entry to the southeast end of the Zicatela strip, we sat outside on chairs that were too close for comfort to the traffic. (Facebook Page Here)

A pair of tables were pushed together at a safer distance from the roadway and we enjoyed a scrumptious, rather unique, pizza. A crispy thin crust well supported lots of veggie toppings. The combinations had a tasteful fruity quality; refreshing and light.

We learned they are serving breakfast and making hamburgers as well – We will be back.


After we headed west to the other end of Zicatela and over to the Harbor Masters area. Near the famous Puerto mermaid riding a grande turtle.


We parked near the Santa Fe Hotel and walked along the beach arriving at the orchestra setting. There was a large crowd.

Oaxaca’s Orquesta Primavera has established itself as one of the country’s premier orchestras. Founded in 1984 by musician, arranger and producer Rodolfo Sánchez Vega, the orchestra since its inception has had a mission of spreading popular and international music, emphasizing the Oaxacan music. Their repertoire ranges from traditional rhythms, to jazz and classical music.



I counted about 33 musicians including piano, guitar and electric bass players. The free performance was professional and entertaining. A good time was had by all.


We walked along the Adoquin and cut through Danny’s Terrace back to the beach to our car.

This weekend Lila Downs at the Mazunte International Jazz Festival – and the beats just keeps on….Stay Tuned!

  • barbara eckrote

    Great photos – makes me want to jump on a plane and head down – unfortunately I’m heading to Texas instead…….but, there is a beach there – just not as beautiful as yours!

  • John Calypso

    babs – thanks. Perhaps you will get this way one day. you have a place to stay.


  • Kim G

    I had to chuckle at the picture of the pizza. You know you’re in Mexico when the pizza is served alongside Tajín, salsa Bufala, and Tabasco. LOL

    F even puts picante on Fettuccine Alfredo, which always elicits a giggle from me.

    So does Anita’s brother plan to follow your locational plan, 6 mos Pto Escondido, 6 mos Xico? (And do you trust him to make the bi-annual move smoothly? LOL…)

    With leaves falling here, and sub-freezing temps soon with us, Puerto Escondido is looking MIGHTY tempting.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we continue to plot Mexican getaways, particularly now that winter is staring us in the face.

  • John Calypso

    The truth about those condiments is I retrieved then from a common supply – so those add-ons are some of MY favorites ;-)

    No Anita’s bro is here in Puerto full time. (thank goodness)

    The weather is SPECTACULAR right now – Does not get any better than November ;-)