International Sailfish Tournament Puerto Escondido

It is difficult to capture a sense of the enormity of a beach party without a very wide lens, which we do not have. Be that as it may – here are some photos from yesterday’s International Sailfish Tournament and all around continuing-since-Friday weekend party (including celebrating the Revolution and El Buen Fin (Mexico’s Black Friday Sales).

Comments interspersed.

We have mixed emotions about much of this event. Sadly there appears to be a lot of very small sailfish caught and kept. We would be in greater support with some catch and release happening, at minimum with the small sailfish. Send them back to grow up.

This Little Fellow is Under 4 feet – Should have been Released

A BUNCH of People Getting Wet – Not Our Cup of Tea. Or Bowl of Soup!

A Commercial Bonanza

Telcel had a Booth – Who is Going to Buy a Phone?

Fresh Coco’s Seemed Appropriate

Could Not Resist – Note Bottom Left of Photo

Obviously Beached – He was Right There All Afternoon

We headed to Our Car – Next Stop the Craft Fair – More on that tomorrow!

A lot of people appeared to be having much fun – a few too much. Driving around town,  which we did entirely too much of yesterday, was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Drunks running red lights and some seriously hazardous moves performed by those without a clear head. We did not see any police at all – they must have had the day off? Driving NOT RECOMMENDED.

Stay Tuned!

  • Tancho

    Man….that’s a beach full of people!

    I like the picture of the beached whale

    Your mecheladas are 10 pesos more expensive than here in the non tourist areas.
    I wonder if the Telcel girls sold any phones that day?

  • Laurie Matherne

    The rodeo looks like fun. It reminds me of the Tarpon Rodeo in Grande Isle, Louisiana. The beach there is a bit rough, and the people there sometimes are, too. Why didn’t you help the beached whale?

  • John Calypso

    “Why didn’t you help the beached whale?”

    No need to help he was muy tranquilo – enjoying the heck out of it ;-)

  • John Calypso

    Tancho – the mecheladas vary – of course an event like this they shoot for top peso.

    I took a series of shots of those Telcel gals getting their short-shorts ‘situated’. Would have got a lot of flak for running the series. I suppose that marketing is effective – it has been going on for years and as you know Mexico utilizes the sex card to the maximo l-)

    This afternoon we drive to Mazunte for an evening concert with Lila Downs – on the beach and libre!

  • Kim G

    OK, I did read the last bit about the drunks in their cars. Still, you have to love the freedom in a country where you can buy a caguama’s worth of michelada and be sent on your way in public, outdoors with a litre or more of beer in your hand to yourself to enjoy. LOL

    Meanwhile back here in Puritan Central, you can’t ever drink anything outdoors in public that has alcohol in it. Unless of course you put it in a thermos and pretend it’s something else. But if they catch you, they take you to jail, even if you are on foot and not hurting anyone. Not much fun in that.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we remain delighted that you still accept “anonymous” comments.

  • John Calypso

    Kim – Sure I agree – I AM a libertarian. It is just a point of fact that one must consider the bad behavior of some of the others in a very free society – no one is watching your six – butt you ;-) Not complaining – just saying. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are in the balance. Speaking of FREE checkout the next entry.