Sunday Nights at Kabbalah

Kabbalah in Hebrew literally means “receiving”. It is often defined as an esoteric method, discipline and school of thought. Its definition varies. But here in Puerto Escondido Kabbalah  means fine dining, drinking and oft an entertainment venue.

It is easy to find. It is nearly center stage, beach side, on El Morro Calle or what I call the Zicatela Strip.

These days Sunday evenings features Maria Jimena, a local talent who is a Puerto treasure. We wrote about her artistry last Valentines Day (Read HERE)

Maira Jimena at Last Nights Performance 

Last night Jimena was solo – she and her guitar. The equalization and balance as well as the sound quality of the guitar were excellent. Her two set repertoire was quite diverse including several A cappella numbers with a well done stab at Queen’s Bohemian RapsodyNo small challenge that. She sings from a wide range of musical genres.

Maria Jimena often performs with other musicians visiting or living in the area; including playing with the musicians at the annual Puerto Escondido Music Festival.

If you happen to be in Puerto on any Sunday in the near future – do not miss the opportunity to see and hear her perform.  Additionally Maria Jimena is often performing around town – so keep an eye out for her schedule.

A good place to to follow the talent in and around Puerto is via our friend Barbara Schaffer’s local magazine and e’zine VIVA PUERTO! At no charge to the musicians or their performance location, Barbara keeps Puerto abreast of coming musical events and all sorts of Puerto entertainment.

Her magazine is a good read whether you are planning a trip, visiting here or living in Puerto. Look for her well produced magazine FREE around town. Thank You Barbara!  Also she is a fine journalist who is an intrepid reporter, bringing fresh news and events from around our area. Puerto Escondido is lucky to have these two ladies as full time residents.

Stay Tuned!

  • Tancho

    Lucky guy, having entertainment steps away!

  • John Calypso

    There is some entertainment here – an eclectic crowd = entertainment.

  • Francisco

    A musical nod coming from you makes me wish I was in Puerto Escondido to enjoy the sounds and the scenery.

  • John Calypso

    You will have to visit my friend.