We Got Our Nuts

Continuing the Mexican residency saga (See previous entry for first update HERE)

Anita and I are trying to get our Permanent Resident Visas (Residente Permanente)– we went home Monday with our tail between our legs after being turned away post haste at the INM office. We regrouped.

Below depicts current and previous titles of Mexican Visas





Residente Temporal

No Inmigrante

Inmigrante FM2

Residente Permanente

Inmigrado Inmigrado


We were given a one page formal copy with 13 procedural items listed – briefly described as follows:

Heading: Change from Residential Temporal to Residente Permanente

Here it should be noted there was no distinction between FM3 and FM2, merely the new category title that was now substituted for both these older visa types. (This would indicate that your previous visa be it FM3 or FM2 would relate to this requested change.

Step 1: Go to www.inm.gob.mx Fill out the online form and bring it in. ONLINE Form Starts HERE.

Step 2: Original and copy of a valid and current Mexican visa (FM3 or FM2)

Step 3: A completed Formato Basico (available on line HERE)

Step 4: Copy of your complete U.S. passport (or other passport from your country).

Step 5: Write a letter explaining your desire to change to Residente Permanente. This will include your having had four years total previous residente temporal. In other words four years of previously living in Mexico. Wording provided to attest to these conditions under penalty of perjury. Tomorrow’s Blog entry will include an ACCEPTED copy of this important letter.

Step 6 (a and b): Supply financial information to prove you meet the requirements – originals and copies. This counts as Step 6,7 and 8

You must supply proof of funds in account(s) equal to 25,000 times Mexican minimum daily wage or about $125,000 USD or 500 times Mexican minimum daily wage or about $2,500 USD per month retirement income for a period of 6 most recent months past.

Step 9: Copy of a household utility bill (usually your CFE bill) in your name from your address.

Step 10: Copy of your Fideicomiso or Escrito (Title) of your house in Mexico. Or in the case of renting, supply a copy of the credentials of the landlord with your lease or a statement of how long you have lived there.

Step 11: 5 small photos; 3 front facing and two right side profile

Step 12: Pay 1000 peso (about $80 usd)  filing fee (to be paid at any Mexican bank).

Step 13: When you return for your card you will be asked to pay 3,815 pesos for the Residente Permanente.


Keep in mind Residente Permanente permits indefinite stays – come and go as you like, no renewals, and includes the right to work, with no approvals or work permits required. All very nice features.

Seems simple enough. But, wait. While these 13 steps (11 really) appear on an official looking document from the Secretary Governor of the Instituto of Migration, reports abound of differing requirements at different INM offices throughout the country – huh?

Some offices do not require the Basic Information Form, There are any number of differing quantities and angles of photos, Some offices have different standards of acceptability of financial information – ours for example: we were turned away demanding bank statements in Spanish (no need to convert U.S. dollars to peso however – “We know how to convert dollars to pesos. We need to know the column headings and descriptions in Spanish however.”).

Finally at the bottom of this form it states you will hear from them in approximately 20 days to receive your new visa card.

Monday at home we photoshop’d our bank statements replacing English terms like ‘Account Type’, ‘Previous Balance’,  ‘Combined Customer Statement’ etc. to Spanish. We rewrote our request letter to included wording that suggested we would be perjuring ourselves to submit any false information. Basically we tidied up all our submissions to more accurately reflect the desires of our local INM office.

Tuesday we returned to the INM Office with what we thought were everything outlined above. Each piece of paper, document or card was scrutinized slowly without comment.

A question came up about the dates of our bank statements – we provided a year’s worth of quarterly statements. There are differing reports on the length of time your financial records should represent.

We provided the receipt for our having each paid the 1000 peso filing fee.

After 20 to 30 minutes our papers were clipped together. We signed a document attesting to our receiving a NUT number and password. This number and password can be used to check on the progress of the process via computer.

We were asked for a phone number – we have none – we provided an email address. And we left to wait out the approximately 20 days.

A number of folks are concerned about their foreign plated vehicles. In the past with an FM2 and Imagrado status you could no longer drive your foreign plated vehicle. How this will be handled with the new Residente Perminente is to be determined.

With this permanent visa you have all the rights of the averae Mexican citizen save voting and owning land in the coastal and border zones.

Our understanding is these forms will go to Oaxaca City where they will be reviewed. Stay Tuned for further information on this hopefully final process to obtain permanent residency in Mexico.

Tomorrow we will discuss specifics to item 5 including some discussion about who is eligible to apply for Residenete Permentente.

  • Steve Cotton

    You are giving me hope.

  • JD

    Best of luck with the permanent residency. Given your former profession, I thought you might enjoy this video: http://tva.canoe.ca/emissions/lol/

  • JD

    Sorry, that link went to a different video than I intended.

  • JD

    Here is the link I intended: http://www.wimp.com/recordingengineer/
    Sorry for hogging your comments, hope you enjoy the video.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    I think you will have no problem getting Residente Permanente .

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Thanks JD

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    no problem

  • Andean

    Do you know the correct form to fill out for renewal of Temporary Residency(old FM3)? The linked forms are a little confusing as to which one that is.

  • http://sparksmex.blogspot.com/ sparks

    In Manzanillo our only option depended on the number of renewals on our current card. 6 months financials and copy of passport … nothing more. I got a 2 year visa to be ready in 3-4 weeks

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Sparks we submitted the financials that require 12 months reporting; and they know I have only one year of FM3 in the past – they said they thought it would fly – Read my next Blog entry for more details. WE SHALL SEE!

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Andean – Go here:


    Renew an Existing Residente Temporal (FM2/3):

    Question 1: ~ Choose “Extender la estancia” … ~ Extend the stay ~

    Question 2: ~ Choose “Expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por Renovación“
    … ~ Process Renovating / Renewing My Residency Card ~

    And do this

    Before filling out the rest of the boxes of personal information, you are offered a convenient box “Conozco mi NUE” to click…
    … ~You find your NUE number on your existing FM3 card ~ the official number listed on your current FM3 card.

    If any of your personal data has changed, do not choose this option.

    Clicking on this box opens a pop-up form to enter:
    - Your NUE number from your current INM card;
    - Your Birth Date and
    - A warbled CAPTCHA code (to prove you are a human),

    After entering your NUE etc, then select “Buscar” … ~ Search ~

    Choosing this route pulls up all your previous personal data, and automatically fills it into your renewal application.

    A Pieza Number and Password will be shown. Copy this information.
    Right below the number will be an option to print

    Save s a a PDF file to print and take with you to your first visit.


  • Andean

    A very detailed report, for a friend, is much appreciated. Your posting of these new circumstances is valued!

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    We aim to please :-) Thank you.

  • kathy

    wow! Exciting! myself and #1 son are on FM3s until the end of the year but in a week or so the other 3 kids and husband will be doing permanentes. If nothing, it is never boring here. :)

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Kathy – Truly exciting if we can end the annual visits to INM ;-) Let us know how you progress.