Continuing our story from yesterday: As we made our way to the little pueblo of Chila, 16 kilometers or about 10 miles from La Punta, this being our third trip of the day, it was becoming pretty apparent that restitution for hitting our parked car from Agua Marina Water Company was not likely to happen.

Like watching a bad movie, we decided to ride it out to the finish.

As we pulled up towards the facility we could see a number of water trucks and a small crowd of employees in the yard. We parked outside the entry gates.

The first thing one notices as you enter the property is a shrine of the Madonna prominently displayed. Beyond this we counted 7 water trucks lined up like Mussolini’s tanks. Opposite the row of trucks was a single truck literally surrounded by hombres. The stage was set.

The workers started to gather around Anita and I. It was like the dock scene in the film “On the Water Front”. The confrontation with the longshoreman and Marlin Brando’s character develops into a vicious brawl. Brando attempting to fight corruption is beaten badly, but through it all held his head high.

Here we were surrounded by short little madreadors  (hired thugs). There was a lot of giggling and talking amongst the group as they stared us down. It was mostly laughable, but as desired, a little intimidating. We held our ground.

Now two black shirted boys approached, one declaring in English his Aunt is the owner, another bleated out he was the supervisor. They walked over to our car just outside the gates. We broke past the circled hombres to follow.

Both these two spoke English. One was pointing out that their truck could not have hit our car as the streaked, now paint-less, lines were too low. I came back asking how that could be determined here as our car was pulled over and tilted up slightly on an embankment (mostly off the actual roadway); and the road actually dipped inward toward the car. We would have to make such a determination at the scene of the accident.

Chalk one up for the Calypsos.

Standing their ground, one of them ran a finger along one of the car’s damage streaks. He displayed the tip of his finger showing (perhaps) some rust, suggesting this was old damage. Anita jumps in affirming it could be rust as the edge of the Agua Marina truck that hit our car was a rusty corner of some welded bars. “We have photos!” she declared.

Ignoring this – the other one chimes in, “How do we know this was done by us?” Obviously this was going nowhere. But, I filled in the gap by asking if we were being accused of lying after we had seen the truck pulling away from our car and the driver having already admitted he hit the car – but of course the driver was nowhere to be seen at this moment.

The true meaning of this scene was tucked between lines. I said, “Look, we are wasting time here. You are either going to help us resolve this or not.” One replied, “You will have to do something else. We are not going to help.”

We left the scene. As we were heading the few blocks out of Chila to rejoin the main coastal highway leading back to Puerto we spotted an Agua Marina truck coming from the opposite direction. The driver was the one that hit our car. Apparently he had been radioed in with an “All clear.” The perils of interrogation and in-depth analysis of the actual accident had been avoided. The staged scene from “On the Water Front” played out to Mexican perfection. The vulnerability of the actual driver had been masked via the machismo collective.

Justice and fair play were not served this day. Be forewarned the chances of a foreigner coming out the other side of a traffic accident equitably are nil. It will be a dicey experience. Some that persevere will succeed, but not without great effort. In this case it became a waste of time to continue.  In the history of Mexico as perceived today lies the past that overshadows the present and continues to shape the future.

Final thoughts are this could have happened in the United States, even Canada. There are bullies, liars and cheaters everywhere.

Karmic justice has its own process.

We are safe and happy. Last night was spent with family and friends under joyous weather conditions. This morning the sun is up, the waves are pounding in the background in front of a blue sea as I gaze up from my monitor at that and swaying palm trees. It doesn’t get much better than this. Viva Mexico! Stay Tuned!

  • Harvey

    If a taxi hits your car in Puerto, you will get no support from the taxi people or the police. I know a number of people

    who were hit and got nothing.

  • Tancho

    Ahhhh, This is now getting interesting.

    Now, since you have basically unlimited time, and they don’t, unless no one gets paid, the business owner has something at steak here, I see the story unfolding into two scenarios.

    1). You have a vast knowledge of beginnings, dramas and epilogs (you have control of the epilogs) for which you can call on hundreds of Hollywood scripts, either outsmarting all parties with brainpower and a little labor.. my personal favorite is:

    “I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. A day
    will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy
    will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.”―
    George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

    2). You simply get either smarter or stronger thugs.

    Or the 3rd and late comer into the fold is invite a few of my California Biker buddies (preferably Vacos or Mongols) to right the situation.

    I can’t wait until

  • Tancho

    Oh, and I would never buy water from this company again……for a couple of reasons.

  • Wiley Stagg

    Why didn’t you go to your insurance co., they have lawyers that can take care of the problem.

  • John Calypso

    Tancho you are a funny (and apparently somewhat hostile) hombre ;-) Glad we are friends and NOT enemies.Tune in tomorrow for a little more on the company I am dealing with.

  • John Calypso

    Wiley – We had been given that advice – go to your insurance company even though you only carry liability. Frankly here in Mexico the damage probably doesn’t warrant doing this. We have an excellent body man back in Xico. Today I did a very snazzy lash up of the mirror and polished out some of the scratches (there is one small dented area ;-( Picture tomorrow. The other issue is even when you are NOT at fault insurance companies do not take accidents and damage lightly – might we not be drawing negative attention to ourselves and our insurance rates?

  • John Calypso

    You were here five years and certainly are in the KNOW – My BIL managed to back into a taxi the other day here in Puerto – they went right to the repair shop – $500 pesos later he was done – Wish this had been as simple.

  • John Calypso

    As mentioned their facilities were shabby – not looking like there was a sterile water bottling environment AT ALL – that alone would have put the cap on using their water. Now with their mafia tactics – Of course we will not buy their water. We noticed one of their trucks go by down the road today – but they did not venture up here ;-)

  • Tancho

    Actually my favorite quote above would be my final trial at a chess game….done right it should make the person think twice about screwing with you, if that didn’t work, I would simply walk away, knowing that it wasn’t worth the hassle in lowering myself to communicate further with someone that obviously cheated me….
    I have lost the energy to physically pursue stuff like this, meanwhile I will live vicariously with you and Don Corleone

  • John Calypso

    I am with you on this – I am way past the ‘getting even’ stage in my life. That written – I think after tomorrows entry, the final on this subject until perhaps when I get the car fixed, it will be seen that the damage to the reputation of this company will far exceed the cost of repairing the damage to my car. Their young employee made a mistake and was most likely counseled to leave the scene of an accident, lie about culpability and then disappear while others cleaned up the mess. Obviously they are slovenly and disreputable as well as just plain dishonest. Between the Forum and this Blog their handling of this situation and their basic credibility as a local business is tarnished badly. Karma is a bitch! Oh well….

  • norm

    You are a peaceful man, others are not so much, the wrong person will be wronged and the cocky boys at the firm will answer to a person who takes things like this personal. Time is what it is.
    I had a car rear ended by a city worker a few years ago, when I turned it into the city’s insurance, they said sue us or screw you and that was the city’s agent. It is not just Mexico.

  • Kim G

    So where are the police in all of this? I mean you have an impartial eye witness, and an admission from the perpetrator. It doesn’t get much clearer than this, does it?

    I would try to sue both the driver personally AND the company. Why not just call their insurance company yourself? I’m sure you could pretty easily figure out who their carrier is. Perhaps the police could help you with that if nothing else?

    I’m glad the damage to your car is minor. Looks like a new mirror and a good buffing would likely take care of it. Despite the frustration caused by this incredibly irresponsible company, I suppose if you can get the damage fixed cheaply, you just have to move on. Annoying, though.


    Kim G

    Boston, MA

    Where we think a product called “PC-11″ might well be the ticket to repairing your mirror.

  • Re Becca

    “Karmic justice has its own process.”

  • John Calypso

    Yes perhaps they will encounter someone prone to violence – I would not feel sorry for them l-0 You did not write what your outcome was.

  • John Calypso

    Kim – The police are no help. In fact if one wants someone pursued they have to pay the police (this in crimes of theft). It is complicated and would take much time to explain – IF we had been able to detain the driver at the scene we might have had a chance – Two days after the fact – no chance.

    The damage is more than a buff out – there are dented areas as well as paint scratched down to the metal – the entire door will need repainting. Today I secured the mirror and polished out some of the scratching – we will get it fixed in Xic.I suspect it will be about 500 U.S. dollars to fix here in Mexico; and it would hve been more tan double that north of the border – I bet th mirror alone is at least $300.00 U.S. Volkswagen wants nearly that to get a spare electronic key.

    Our premiums for comp insurance over the last four years would have been more than $500 US.

    Tomorrow’s post will shed more light on the Agua Marina Water Company – do not miss it.

  • John Calypso


  • norm

    I have been known to cut off my nose to spite my self but in this case I just let it go. The city said see our agent about it, the agent said sue us, the damage was $800-I can eat that up in three visits with my attorney.Their’s was on retainer. I was sitting at a light so it was open and shut but the law is not cheap. .

  • John Calypso

    “…but the law is not cheap. .” And the cost of justice is still steeper.