Agua Marina Water Company – Puerto Escondido

As foreigners we are warned about wearing expensive jewelry, carrying around in public costly cameras and having bags of money on our person.’ Do not carry your wallet in your back pocket. Avoid purses and bags strapped over a shoulder etc.’  You know the drills.

When you get golden, you will find yourself taking better care of your things than during your seed money producing years. We bought our Jetta here in Mexico four years ago. It was an almost new car belonging to Volkswagen. One of their middle level employees out of Puebla was using it as a company car for a short time prior to our ownership.

Adding to a somewhat more careful time in life in terms of caring for one’s things, here in Mexico there are few exchanges, returns, or guarantees; and even less police protection and legal recourse.

We have cared for that Jetta quite carefully realizing we will not have the resources going forward in retirement to readily buy another.

Anita has always been one of those people that is very careful with their things – me not so much; until like I wrote – getting golden.

So when we watched the Agua Marina water truck pull away from impacting our little red car our hearts sunk just a little. Of course having your car damaged right before your eyes is not fun at any age.

Dark Black windows prevented getting a photo of the driver – hmm.

We reached out on the local Forum for help in terms of suggestions on how we might handle the fact that Agua Marina rather corruptly abandon any responsibility even while their driver at one point admitted hitting our car as well as myself and two other witnesses seeing the truck as an only vehicle on our street leaving the scene just after the loud impact.

A few suggested we have deep pockets and should just pay for the repair not jeopardizing the driver’s job. We and another suggested that this behavior that included bad driving (it was a wide space to get by) and the Agua Marina trucks historically speeding in the neighborhood should be brought to task perhaps avoiding a more serious event, like running over a child. This is after all a suburb with little children playing near or in the road.

We could write several Blog entries on how unaware some Mexican mothers seem to be of the cautions required for their children’s safety in the streets here. Like caring for your stuff – how much greater is the importance of watching out for our children? Couple that with heavy laden water trucks racing around the streets – and well you get the idea.

After some discourse on the Forum one person suggested my inquiries and ‘conversation’ regarding this issue was “whining” – we gave up interacting about all this. Sad really because we have benefitted many times from the experiences of others on that Forum.

I started receiving a few encouraging emails and a few informational inquiries. In an effort to be journalistic about Agua Marina Water Company I want to bring some evidence to the fore relating to this statement I made when we first wrote about the hit and run:

“We had read a story about this particular water company’s employees allegedly robbing a customer while the delivery guys were in the customer’s house waiting for the owner to find change.  It was reported a laptop and wallet were discovered missing. Thus we had made it a practice to not have them bring the bottles in the casa, “Leave them there at the gate, por favor.” Another heavy lifting task that I had taken on to protect ourselves from a potential theft or home invasion.”

The source for this was found yesterday. This is from the aforementioned Forum:


Copied from TomZap Puerto Escondido Forum March 2012


Some have asked why we used Agua Marina water having knowledge of the above. We had been using Agua Marina water for about a year prior to reading about the alleged thievery by their employees. We actually liked the two hombres that delivered water (not the driver of the hit and run). We felt the caution we were taking by not allowing delivery beyond our gate was sufficient – it was for everything except for our car.

This is the second time our Jetta has been damaged while parked in front of our casas here in Mexico. We decided to put off repairs until we return to Xico where we know a good ‘body man’; since the local Volkswagen dealer here in Puerto had no mechanics available – apparently their only employee for that was in training for the week (or more?).

I made some temporary repairs and buffed out the scratched as well as possible.

Waiting for Real Repairs

Obviously there are some lessons to be learned from our experience. We will try to not park our car in front of our house. It was only there so I could more easily transport heavy buckets of cement for my Beach Bodega project. Ironically I did not want to scratch the car.

We have stated this could happen in any country and neighborhood. But a little caution and good judgment about whose services one engages might save another from such an experience.

Back to pouring posts on the project. Stay Tuned!

  • Croft

    This is a sad incident. We have so many positive interactions with the Mexican people and it is always disheartening to hear of these sort of things. You have done pretty much everything you can do on your own and facing down a bunch of goons over a couple of hundred dollars is not worth it. I imagine you have contacted your insurance company? Do they offer any suggestions?

  • Croft

    Sorry, I just read yesterday’s comments re: insurance company. I think you might be over estimating the cost of repairs. I had both drivers doors pushed in in Merida a couple of years ago and the repair cost was 1,900 pesos.

  • John Calypso

    Croft – I do not have comprehensive coverage only liability – what’s more as you suggest it probably will not be a high peso repair. We will get the car repaired in Xico in the Spring.

  • John Calypso

    From your mouth to my pocket book ;-)

  • Kim G

    I’m sorry about your experience. It’s got to be frustrating, given what you’ve written in the last three days including how useless the normal channels of justice are — police, insurance cos, etc.

    At least the damage is minor, though the nuisance is just the same.

    But if you can find “PC-11,” I’d highly recommend it if you want to repair your mirror permanently. It’s a super-strong, putty-like epoxy that I used several years ago to repair the bumper on my SLK. As the bumper is low, I hit a concrete block and put a 24″ crack into it. With PC-11, I managed to repair it completely, and as noted, the repair has held for several years now. Total cost? About $5 US. This was way more appealing than paying several thousand dollars for a new bumper skin and a body shop to install and paint it. Yes, I still have a visible crack (I put epoxy on the inside), but I could always have the bumper re-painted and still by WAY ahead of the game.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we wonder when Mexicans are going to stop putting up with their lousy public services and do something.

  • Kim G


  • John Calypso

    Kim – I will look into PC-11. Do you think this is a product to be found in Mexico? At then end of it all – it was a very minor incident that had some major lessons to be learned.The Mexican brat dance performed by the Agua Marina minions was enlightening and a reminder as to just where we are. I am happy to report my response to virtually all of it fell into the minor. Something that might not have always been that way. We all become stronger through adversity (especially the small stuff ;-)

  • Gary Denness

    I’ve read all three posts. It sucks. My biggest frustration about living in Mexico was the lack of recourse when you’ve been wronged. You’re either big enough (or numerous enough) to beat the compensation out of them, or you’re not. The former method is always risky, in so many ways and rarely a road worth going down…

  • John Calypso

    This situation is counter to the friendly folks in Mexico theory – and yes I am way past thinking in hostile terms. The most I can hope for it a lesson learned for others as well as some bad press for the bad guys (and gals).

  • Kim G

    I got my PC-11 at Home Depot. This is the company’s website: Maybe you can e-mail them to see if they have a distributor near you. Otherwise you can get it on Amazon.


    Kim G

  • John Calypso

    Gracias – will check it out. Have a GREAT weekend.

  • Gary Denness

    Have you got an alternative water supplier? The one thing I like to do is to not give an idiot my business again. There’s nothing worse than having no choice but to do so…