Puerto Escondido’s Music Scene

Puerto Escondido is not only about sunny beaches and great waves; there is a thriving music scene here year round.

January/February includes the Puerto Music Festival held at Brad’s Split Coconut on the beach.

A new service to the area (LINK HERE) by our friend Barbara Schaffer provides up-to-date musical activities around Puerto – Thank You Barbara.


Find the music venue that suits your taste and learn the days of the week in Spanish all at the same time ;-)


Brother-in-Law’s birthday tonight – we will be at one or more music spots to PARTY TONIGHT!

Stay Tuned!

  • Tancho

    You must be in Heaven, Wow , can’t believe the amount of music venues you have, gotta be more than other coast-side areas….Another reason to come and visit your area , one of these days. Have a brewsky for me tonight and wish your cuñado a feliz cumpleaños!!

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Come on down – best time of year is now (well between Mid October to mid March) But the best music scene is January/ early February. A few weeks ago we had an incredible Lila Downs concert (FREE) in Mazunte. Good restaurant scene here too. Plus of course wonderful sunsets, the best beaches and much to see – jeez I am starting to sound like the Chamber of Commerce – sorry. ;-)

  • DonCuevas

    Lila Downs concert? Free? Envy, envy.

    Don Cuevas

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso
  • http://honduras-gumbo.com/ Laurie Matherne

    Wow. Music and beaches. And friends. Lovely mix.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    It all works! Sort of….