This Side of Paradise

The weather of late here in Puerto has been nothing short of spectacular – it just does not get any better.   We are thinking of the people on the East Coast of the United States and Canada who are submerged in snow. This morning it is in the mid 70’s here with sunny skies and a gentle breeze – ahhh!

Last week was action packed. We spent another day working on getting our Residente Permanente Mexican visas. Reports since we last Blogged on this are the cards are starting to appear. Our friend Debbi in Merida actually has her card in hand – amazing. And Charlie has his Residente Temporal card in hand as well. Good new!

We expect our cards to appear soon – perhaps within days.

We had several days of Beach Bodega construction. Nothing like some hard labor to get your mind off Mexican red tape details.

Below is where we are at now. My brother-in-law and I spent two days putting on the roof – Mexican clay tiles. We have some sorting and some cementing to do up there as well as some patching etc. But you get the idea.

the Beach Bodega Gets a Roof

We have spent $700.00 U.S. approximated to date. The door is expected to be around $200.00. So our bodega is coming in on budget ($1000. U.S. total).

I have not mentioned, but under the current new circumstances I will reveal I am working on a book about buying property in Mexico which will not be as dry as it sounds – it is after all quite an adventure. At the moment my brother-in-law and Ethel have scoped out a prime property just down the road from us. We will supply details as they emerge.

And there was a Gay Pride Parade as well as Carnival!

                      Music Venue on the Beach

                Puerto Escondido Carnival 2013

The Carnival ended Sunday – lots of activity still going on down here in our side of Paradise – wish you were here (well some of you any way!).  Stay Tuned.

  • Rick

    The roof on your new bodega looks like it is sloping to the right? If it is, all the tile is installed incorrectly.

    Your tile is supposed to be on at least a 3 in 12 slope and oriented with the small end up to keep water falling over the joint and keeping it waterproof? You know that !

  • John Calypso

    Rick – Good catch – someone is paying attention ;-) Fortunately we had just laid out the tiles without attaching anything – We fixed that and added another row as the tiles were ‘stretched’ – The 3 in 12 – well they place them on flat roofs around here ;-0 We are at about a 2 in 12 and feel OK with it. I am waiting for our water day to test the latest layout. We will eventually cement the border tiles to accommodate the earthquakes and most wind. (Better send you a photo before we cement anything ;-) Hurricane Carlotta would probably have dislodged many a tile as was the case all around Puerto ;-(

  • mazbeach

    I’m surprised that they would install tile on a flat roof.

  • John Calypso

    Truth be told I believe the flat surface tile jobs are mere decorations as they sit on a cement roof ;-)

  • Laurie Matherne

    Congratulations on writing the book. Looking forward to hearing more on that.

  • John Calypso

    Thanks Laurie – if nothing more than for my own amusement ;-)

  • Laurie Matherne

    Come now. Your readership is very wide for good reason. We like you, and we like to read your stuff. Your life is interesting. i admire the research and time you put into your writing about practical matters. I rarely take the time to write in depth about things like how water pumps and tanks work, or how get hot water more ecnomically than hot water tanks. I never write about the labyrinth passages to get residency in Honduras. I should I suppose. I have a host of pictures too about woodworking in Honduras, but I have yet to take the time to write a reasonable article with appropriate references, etc. You do a fine job on all of these type of subjects and more.

  • Kim G

    A book on Mexican real estate? Count me in! Sounds interesting.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are staring out at yet more snow falling and wishing we were SOB.

  • John Calypso

    Kim – I think you hombres already own a casa in Mexico – no? It is a complex tale I assure you. Take a break and come to Puerto – the weather is absolutely lovely!

  • John Calypso

    High praise from someone with such talents – thanks.

  • John Calypso

    Changed PHOTO to reflect correction – more to come.