Long Way From Indiana


This morning from our balcony here in Zipolite I spotted these two hombres getting ready to head out.  I heard talk about finding a bank in Puerto Escondido.  They have them – but oh the waiting time!

Being a former BMW moto owner (among other brands), I admired their set-up and imagine they have a lot of great traveling through Mexico stories.

There was a certain been there, done that quality to the scene when I spotted the license plates:

As you can see they are from Indiana  A long way from home!  MANY years ago I rode a Harley from Los Angeles to the BIG Race in Indianapolis. A great trip with a lot of memories attached. So to those two intrepid seniors – thanks for the memories.

Then to add to my nostalgia, just a few minutes ago we heard a loud moto – “That sounds like a Harley”

- I literally had just written the word ;

‘Harley’. Grabbed the Canon:

Two ladies cruising with wide open pipes *plate is from Quebec. Now just expecting a Britten to cruise down the calle. No shortage of entertainment here in Zipolite.

I know of a used Britten for a quarter of a million dollars sweet ride and FAST!

We have some stories about our stay here in Zipolite. Some restaurant and hotel reviews, and some travel tips. So Stay Tuned!

  • Kim G

    Great post! Especially nice to read after I’ve spent nearly the day shoveling snow. I’m not sure what the official measurement is, but we got well over a foot here in my ‘hood.

    I have an ’04 BMW Boxercup Replika, which is a delight when it’s running properly, but it is a VERY cantankerous piece of machinery. I suppose it serves me right to have gotten what is essentially a racing bike. It’s on its way back to the mechanic on Monday so they can re-fix the things they didn’t fix correctly the first time.

    If you have never seen it, you should really check out http://www.ridefar.typepad.com. It’s the blog of a guy who rode his moto from San Francisco to Tierra del Fuego. Later he rode through west Africa. A former journalist, his blog is well written and entertaining. I just did a quick check, and he hasn’t written anything for a LONG time, but it’s still worth reading.

    I also owe him a debt of gratitude as he inspired me to resume motorcycle riding. I had a lot of experience with dirt bikes as a kid, but hadn’t ridden in years. After reading his blog, I took up riding again in 2005 or thereabouts. I have always wanted to ride from here to DF, but I think I need another, more reliable bike for that trip.


    Kim G

    Boston, MA

    Where we’ve had quite enough snow, thank you!d

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Kim something else we have in common. I currently own two scooters – one is a 650 Suzuki Burgman – a very fast, high tech, ‘scooter’. I have done a number of mid to long rides with Hondas, Harleys and a couple BMWs. Mostly just a Sunday driver now. ;-0