The Count Down Has Begun

We are relocating just two weeks from today. The transition to the other house(s) is never fun. However there are some enjoyable aspects.

We look forward to seeing our friends in Xico; several local families and our new gringo friends John and Jane (you remember the couple that was robbed several times). Also this go ‘round we will make a trip to the United States where we will see our friends George and Pearl in New Mexico and family in Las Vegas. At the same time NOT looking forward to all that driving.

We have not been in the United States for a couple of years. Other than the aforementioned friends and family, it has not been missed. I must admit there are things we will buy, in fact, we have already started ordering things from Amazon that will be retrieved there.

We are in full transition mode now getting the yard in order, packing items away and items to make the trip north with us. This is our third time launching (lurching) back and forth between Puerto and Xico – are we any better at it? Time will tell.

What have we accomplished? We are alive and healthy – important. We built a new bodega and it came in under budget (TOTAL cost around $900.00 USD). We just completed a few details – we started building in December – so a very slow operation.

Looking down from our second level – the new Jardin Bodega

Many ‘making our casa more livable’ projects were completed including a permanent installation of our instant on pressurized water heater in the upstairs bathroom – I love a warm shower- beach weather or not.

Very Cool (Hot Actually) Device. Read HERE

We started writing a new book on buying property in Mexico – progress is slow. Showing about 35.000 words thus far. In conjunction with not having gotten it all on ‘paper’, research continues. So adding to the book information even as we write.

For instance the other day we visited the very posh Costa Cumana. It is an exclusive Hood about 10 miles southeast of Puerto. We even saw a lot we would love to own there. We studied their CC&R’s with great interest.  However Costa Cumana represents one of the more risky buying opportunities. We may get into that a little here on the Blog – but for sure it will have its story told in the book.

Anita’s brother and his lady friend arrived here in early November of last year. They seem to be getting settled in and appear to be content thus far with their decision to relocate here sight unseen. Ricardo is about ready to make his second trip back to Las Vegas in that time – seems to be typical – we made many trips back and forth in the early days. As mentioned we have not been up there for a couple of years – and like it better that way.

The weather was a bit different this 6/7 month stay from the preceding two years. We had a greater variety of weather including about four days of some rain (a first). All in all the weather was spectacular and one of the key ingredients of our being here. It will be interesting to hear a firsthand report on what the weather is like during the time we are not here via Ricardo who will be here year round.

The Internet was not as fast as last time – we had some problems. But overall considering the complexity of operating our own radios, we had good luck. On that note we also had good luck with our radio system left operational in Xico being used by our friend’s John and Jane (we share). At least until this last week when there was a lightning bolt that damaged their transformer and glitch’d the radio at their casa ;-(  John and I have been working on that problem and may have him up and running before we next speak.

We will be getting more radios or radios repaired in the U.S. I no longer tell people I can help them get a radio system together. Maintaining them is not for the novice technician which is why I suppose it is so darn costly down here. I am glad I have the expertise as it has saved us some $$$ – but perhaps I am short on the ‘expert’ category and thus taxing my brain on occasion?

At the end of the day there is PLENTY we will miss leaving our beach casa. And then we have so much to look forward to including the view of Mount Orizaba from our Rancho. We are getting back just before running out of our Coatepec coffee.

Mount Orizaba from our Rancho in Xico (Enlarge Here)

This weekend we will dine out (we are going to miss the variety of restaurants) and spend some hours over the weekend watching the Masters golf tournament.

Pueblo Magico Xico here we come. Stay Tuned!

  • Dana Jennings

    Do you ever feel that you will locate fulltime to Puerto, and putting up with the hot months?
    What’s Xico’s biggest pull or attraction for the two of you?

  • DonCuevas

    ¿El Mole de Xico? El Verde de Xico?

    Don Cuevas

  • John Calypso

    Viva El Mole de Xico! Yum!

  • John Calypso

    Of course Anita and I have discussed living just at the beach. We are anxious to hear the weather report for the time we are gone via my brother-in-law who will be here throughout (for the most part). Xico has some real advantages close to the huge city of Xalapa where almost everything is available. Xalapa has a major university with all the trappings (Symphony, arts and dance – good stuff). Beautiful tropical environment (our only beef is coldness in December through February). We have some really good friends there; Xico is much more “Mexico” or “Mexican”; far less gringos and commercialism. The tri-cities (Xalapa-Coatepec-Xico) as well as Teocelo and a few other smallish pueblos offer a variety of styles – we like that. But we have pretty much decided if we had to choose – it would be the beach. There is a lot of rain in Xico which can get to be too much and it can feel isolating and small in the immediate area. We really like what both areas have to offer – however we could get too old to make the trip or perhaps we could commute even more and make it less of an annual one-time trek?

  • Dana Jennings

    “More commerialized”….i can see that being counter to your overall plan.

    i could easily relocate to live and work in Puebla, so thinking i’d like to see Xalapa-Coatepec-Teocelo, just for a girls’ roadtrip.

  • John Calypso

    If you do come to the Xalapa area when we are there – we would love to connect up – let us know.

  • barbara eckrote

    What are the temps in Puerto now? Darn, I sure want to get down there next winter………but I keep saying that and don’t get there. It’s so complicated from here to there that I just get overwhelmed with the cost and the distance! Any suggestions?

  • John Calypso

    Babs – Highs low to mid 80′s Lows around 70. It has been like that for the last 6.5 months with very few exceptions. Basically incredible weather. We understand the humidity ramps up and then there is rain from about mid May until the end of August.

  • Kim G

    I’m eager to read your book about buying property in Mexico. I constantly fantasize about it, but so far that’s about as far as it has gotten. I have read enough ads on, though, to get a sense of what stuff sells for in DF. Much of that is surprisingly expensive. I think a buck goes much farther in the provinces, and I’m guessing you probably paid a song for your place in Xico, at least by Gringo standards.

    I love the shower photo. Along with your bamboo internet setup, I think it confirms your having “gone native.” Kudos.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we were fortunate to be far from today’s terrorist attack, though our heart goes out to the victims.

  • John Calypso

    Kim – I have you on my list of potential proof readers/ reviewers. Gone native – I think we did that just prior to buying an Earthship in Colorado – but yes ;-) We even made a papercrete mother-in-law’s quarters (the irony of that ;-) Yeah native. Actually we have two places in Xico – both have been in our possession for more than 6 years – so we did buy them cheaper than the going rate ;-) You will have to wait for the book to get the whole scoop on our perspective of land values south of the border.

  • frankania

    Nice set-up John. We use a coiled black plastic hose on the roof, connected to an electric shower-head which cost only $9. For internet, we use the “banda ancha” usb device ($20), when we are at our beach house. The cost is approximately 3 cents per minute, but using some tricks like diminishing a page we want to read (several times), we can disconnect the device and then read at our leisure the things we saved. Did you once say that you are a “radio ham?” I am W5BMG/xe1
    Used to operate CW (morse code) on 20 meter band.
    Have a safe trip amigos, and pass by Cordoba sometime!

  • John Calypso

    CQ,CQ, CQ – use to be a Ham operator , yes K9WLM. We have used a black hose for showers in Xico – but the little inexpensive water heater is so convenient and efficient (well not as efficient as the sun of course). Also the little Shur-flo pump gives us normal water pressure (about 40-45 psi) – I like the pressure. As to those laptop dongles for my usage it would be very costly. The radios are little trouble and not expensive to operate – and I have a 20 mbps connection is Xico and a 6 mbps here in Puerto. I watched four days of the Masters golf tournament in real time – can you imagine the bill using a dongle. I know I am spoiled – hot, pressurized water and fast Internet – what can I say….