XICO or Bust

We are about ready to drive to Xico. Estimated Time of Departure is EARLY Thursday morning. All the preparations to close a house down for six months are taxing. In fact I wonder if I will ever be too old for all this. And that reminded me of this cartoon which I really love:

I do not know – maybe you have to be there? You may have to be old like me to appreciate the humor in that – not sure. What do you think?

We will see you down the road – Viva Xico, Mexico!

Stay Tuned!

  • Tancho

    Securing,loading etc is kind of a pain, did that for years, a good reason not to buy or rent a place on the coast……
    Have a safe trip Amigo, see you in the mountains!

  • Kim G

    Wow, the annual migration has begun!!! We’ll have to get out the binoculars, maps, and various sighting apps to track your progress. LOL…

    Hopefully you find your place in Xico untouched and unmolested.

    We look forward to your future Xalapeño posts. Or would that be Xicoteño? Or even Veracruzano?


    Kim G

    Boston, MA

    Where we did our own little migration from DF to Boston exactly a week ago.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    I think Xalapeño is the call. It is just shy of 500 miles – we do it in a long day. Actually we have always had good luck with the casas – as you suggest, we hope it holds.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    My partner in Internet radio in Xico lost his LOCOm5 – got another but can not get it back up – first order of business. We are looking forward to the change – maybe even the visit to the U.S.

  • Tancho

    let me know if you need some more, I can give your are wholesale account info, they can drop ship it to you if you need…..

  • Steve Cotton

    Love the cartoon.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Steve – Like me. your age is showing. ;-)

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Tancho – We have been buying the radios in Xalapa – they are 1100 pesos – more than Amazon, but convenient. Thanks for the offer in any case.

  • http://sparksmex.blogspot.com/ sparks

    Good one. As much as I would probably enjoy both your places, no way could I handle two houses in Mexico. Especially on opposite sides of the country.

  • Glenn

    Sometimes it’s best not to look into mirrors.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Glenn – The important aspect of looking in a mirror is to like what you see. ;-)

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Sparks – Actually we have THREE casas to deal with in Mexico (and one in the U.S.). Although Puerto is only 480 miles from Xico where we have a Casita in a suburb and a small one hectare rancho a mile high in altitude overlooking Xico (about 3500′). So not too far away – yet tedious departure preparations and arrival effort. All locations are lovely, making it difficult to let loose of anything.

  • Kim G

    Now that’s a FANTASTIC attitude!

  • Kim G

    Just make sure that if you ever run for president of the USA (admittedly unlikely), that you know the exact count of how many houses you have, just in case some pesky reporter asks. John McCain lost count in 2008, and it hurt him.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Kim – If I run for President anywhere – it will have to Mexico where the politicians mostly have no idea as to their total land holdings ;-) I can count the casas easily – but sometime I forget how many blenders we own ;-)