For a FIX Take Two Tablets
and Call Me in the Morning

In Consumer Land much of what was bought has electrons flowing through it. We actually managed to get our hands on two tablets; and kept one.

A very long time ago, more years than I want to fess up to, I was an electronic technocrat of the first magnitude. Let us call it what it is:

“My name is John Calypso. I am an electronics junkie.”

I had every new electronic toy at great expense (to someone), money was not the object – it was rampant technology at any cost. I craved everything new on the market electronic. Tie an electrical cord around my arm and just shoot those electrons directly into a vein!

I come from and am in a family of inventors. My father held patents on color television circuits and 4-track audio cartridges and more. He had an electronics lab in our house ever since I can remember – so I came by my electron addiction rather naturally – “He’s his father’s son” they would say (let us not go there just now).

My father’s brother’s son has many patents, some very clever and lucrative. Capitol Records filed for several patents of my designs in the 60’s. They had ownership of intellectual properties cornered even at that early date. Something some clever attorneys learned from reading about Edison or Einstein I imagine.

By the time I was forty I had been shocked so many times, going into a depression simply was not in the cards for me. Talk about your knee jerk responses – yikes.

I had a four function calculator the size of a Readers Digest book with Nixie readouts way before 7 segment LED devices were on the scene to create those cute little calculators we all use to own – now calculating devices are in our watches, PDA’s and cell phones – if not a key-fob.

Most of the things we acquired while in the world’s shopping mecca are driven by electricity by way of batteries or connections to electrical outlets. We have new battery operated tools, another coffee grinder, a lamp, a computer, a couple keyboards, amplified speakers and a large screen television – all new – all requiring electricity. The jones continues.

But the latest Pièce de résistance is a new Asus Tablet. Not a tablet of compressed medical powder, but -you guess it – an electron flowing gizmo – state-of-the-art, for the moment.

When it comes to electronic toys trying to keep up with Steve Cotton over at Mexpatrite in the Key of Steve is no small task.  I think he has had four Kindles for example. This since I bought my one.

We promised to get Anita her very own Kindle when in the U.S. Actually the deal is she is getting my 4 year old laptop and two year old Kindle. I am getting new stuff.  I know that sounds bad – but Anita doesn’t have the jones.

Without going into details about our first tablet experience, we ended up with an Asus ft700t tablet. Asus is a maker of higher end computer gear (and often more expensive).  I suppose it might be called the Apple of the Windows/Intel world.

Not Much Room on my Desk

Julian, our son, who seems to have an unlimited budget for electronic toys (he too obviously came by this honestly) just recently bought an Asus desktop system with high end graphics. He was somewhat forced into this from his Apple High Horse – he still owns the latest iPhone and a Mac laptop. But truly Asus is good stuff.

So far we are really enjoying the new device – a great screen image with 1900 X 1200 pixels and not one, but two built in cameras. There is a very basic 2 megapixel camera facing into the operator (for Skype imaging and avatars I guess); and a snazzy 8 megapixel camera with some adjustment goodies – also good stuff.

The Asus utilizes an Android operating system – something else to learn about. So far that part of the 10.1 inch screen jewel has been problematic. I am just not picking up on things as fast as I used to – or perhaps just do not have the previous determination?

There are 750,000 plus ‘APPS’ or program applications that run on Android operating systems. But then how many word processors and spreadsheets can a fellow use? It does have a reasonable tool set resembling Microsoft Office (Pro Office Suite by Mobi).

The Asus (Zeus we have taken to calling it) as a replacement for the Kindle Reader is like going from a station wagon to get the kids to school to driving them in a Porsche 911 GT3. But that is the fate of an electronic junkie – isn’t it?

A Sleek and Fast Toy! The Asus TF700T

We will be reporting more of our feelings about Zeus as we get more familiar with it. Just today I managed to finally load an APP that allows me to read books much like the Kindle (the original goal).

Did I mention we bought two wireless keyboards/mice; a high powered laptop, a 32 inch LED television; the Asus tablet, a couple of laptop/tablet electrified speakers; two more Linksys wifi routers; some cables, a powerstrip and rechargeable batteries to hook all this stuff up, a couple of cases to carry some of this STUFF and more. A lot of contraband indeed!

I’m WIRED, but Stay Tuned!

  • Tancho

    Oh you would have a orgasm if you saw my old warehouse in Northern California…..
    I finally sold my AG350′s I had , was lucky to get $300 dollars each….(massive tears)
    How sad that that stuff goes obsolete so fast. Can’t give away my Sony 1″ Quad head VCR’s that cost as much as a new automobile does. No one wants anymore…

    What is money for if not to spend on the latest toys, after all you can’t take it with you, so you just need to do the timing so that the credit cards are due after your demise…
    Just don’t hold the table up high during a storm!

  • Barbara

    Geez you must have won BIG at the crap tables in Vegas!

  • John Calypso

    Babs – Actually I sold a bunch of test equipment, a car, two trailers and a tile wet saw to amass enough money for the splurge – in fact managed to have a $2000.00 pipe fence built on two sides of our New Mexico casa and managed a hundred dollars left of all the sales money towards a new set of tires for the Jetta ;-) Just robbing Peter to pay Paul – And whittling down the storage as well. ;-)

  • John Calypso

    Tancho – yeah as explained in detail to Babs – sold some – bought some. Out with the old – in with the new. It goes on til the fat lady sings….

  • mazbeach

    You will love the new tablet. The same one I bought my wife a short while ago. Did you also get the keyboard? It has a second battery and includes a USB port. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to type with.

  • John Calypso

    mazbeach – I did not get the keyboard deciding to wait and see if I would like the unit enough to get it. Now that I have spent some time with it – I will order the keyboard. We have friends in the States that will bring one in for us. Thanks for your comment in that regard.

  • Debi Kuhn

    congrats, I too love electronics and am jones’ing over some of the new mini tablets for travelling, and well they would just fit in my purse so much nicer. just haven’t been able to reconcile the expense with basically cheap ass nature.
    2 apps I really like are Star Chart for sky gazing, and evernote, you can put evernote on your desktop/pc too – and keep all your stuff sync’d. very handy – in fact all my current travel docs, itineraries, reservations, etc are on evernote. oh boy new toys, what fun!

  • John Calypso

    Debi – I have that App ready to install – thanks for the reminder and review. Will my laptop get lonesome with the threat of a more enticing toy? Time will tell ;-) I am going to order the optional keyboard that sports additional input/outputs and greater battery life in addition to the obvious – a KEYBOARD! (See review below)

  • Kim G

    I’m interested in hearing what it takes to get all those goodies across the border.

    Buena Suerte, Amigo.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we like gadgets, but we like functionality even better.

  • John Calypso

    Read on my brother….