One of the reasons for the Asus tablet, the main justification actually, was to replace a Kindle Reader that would go to Anita.

OK so going from a $130 device to a nearly $500 device with all the add-ons is hardly a fair comparison – so I will not even try to make that leap. Let us just refer you back to my confession about being an electronics junkie and leave it at that.

One major benefit of the Asus, moving on, is viewing of magazines – wow! Better than my thousand dollar laptop playing into a $300 monitor. How can that be you might be asking?

The screen pixel density is even better than the aforementioned system for starters. Then there is the fact that you can page through like a real life magazine with your index finger (no need to wet the tip) skewing the pages with a flip of the digit – very cool.

Additionally add a thumb into the mix and with it and said index finger one can enlarge areas of a page with ease – really cool!

The colors and fine quality of the fonts is nothing short of amazing. Rather like first seeing HD television after so many years of ‘regular’ television viewing. What can I write? I am sold on the new toy and just yesterday ordered the docking keyboard, and associated cables that include connecting the tablet to our new Samsung LED 32” TV. Going from big to small and back – will the fun never cease?

So I have been going through my last few months of Esquire magaZINES with the new tablet – again wow! The ads pop – and the fact that I even have the remoteness of interest in advertising is amazing in itself – but the pictures are just so darn good.

Below are a few that caught my eye and probably do not reproduce on your monitor anywhere near the quality of the Asus TF700T – sorry about that.

April 2013’s issue with Bob Redford on the cover – ouch he is a reminder we are getting older. He is 10 years my senior and I think he smokes so lots of wrinkles (what is my excuse – vegetarian, non-smoker, clean live er). A mediocre article about Redford (all the writer’s fault – not Redford’s).

An ad that caught my eye which led me to writing this Blog entry to begin with:

Over there on the right bottom is a French Press coffee maker. A simple device wherein you add water to the grounds, let steep and then push the grounds down to the bottom for a superb cup of coffee. Been using one for years. Other than our extremely expensive La Pavoni espresso maker (seen here at home) – this simple device is the defacto standard to making a good cup of coffee.

Ok THAT was true until we were in ConsumerLand there in Las Vegas. My Primo has a Keurig coffee machine at work, at home and at his mountain get-a-way.

Being a gracious host he has a variety of K-cups:

K-Cup portion packs are used with the brewer punctures the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup and forces hot water under pressure through the K-Cup and into a mug. Keurig licenses its K-Cup technology to coffee roasters and tea makers such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Diedrich/Gloria JeansTimothy’s World CoffeeVan HoutteCaribou CoffeeCelestial Seasonings,Bigelow Tea CompanyTwiningsTully’sCoffee People and Newman’s Own. or other single cup brewing systems to brew a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Each K-Cup is a plastic container with a coffee filter inside. Ground coffee beans are packed in the K-Cup and sealed air-tight with a combination plastic and foil lid. When the K-Cup is placed in a Keurig brewer, the brewer punctures the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup and forces hot water under pressure through the K-Cup and into a mug. Keurig licenses its K-Cup technology to coffee roasters and tea makers such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Diedrich/Gloria JeansTimothy’s World CoffeeVan HoutteCaribou CoffeeCelestial Seasonings,Bigelow Tea CompanyTwiningsTully’sCoffee People and Newman’s Own.

Source Wikipedia HERE

Crazy as it may seem, we being coffee purist and all, Anita and I decided to get a Keurig machine (available at Costco). True to the form of being caught up in ComsumerLand. We also bought a supply of San Francisco Bay Coffee K-cups and several plastic gizmos wherein you can insert your own ground coffee into said machine (we would NOT have purchased this thing without that option). Photo of our Keurig now here in Xico and destined for transport to Oaxaca.

Our Very Own Keurig Coffee Machine

It does make a fine cup of coffee and muy rápido – although I will say while it comes out very hot, it seems to cool more rapidly than our French Press brew. The jury is still out on that. I drink my coffee slowly.

While paging through April’s Esquire I came across this advertisement:

OMG Illy the Italian coffee giant (Read more about Illy HERE) has sold out and is producing a K-cup like maker and K-cups!They call their K-cups “Capsules”.

Now this coffee machine purchase gave us certain assurance that the grip on the Calypsos by ConsumerLand was real!

It is a fact that I prefer our local coffee grounds installed in the plastic K-cup making device better than any of the commercial K-cup varieties we have tried thus far – a good sign that our minds and bodies have not been completely taken over by north of the border brainwashing techniques ;-)

More from Esquire brought to us in our Asus (Ah-Sooss) tablet next time. Stay Tuned!

  • Croft Randle

    Our son bought one of these Keurig coffee machines. The taste of the coffee is great but expensive, at least in his local grocery store where he pays just under a dollar a cup for the little pods! Norma and I go through fifteen or twenty cups a day between us so the cost becomes prohibitive. He does have one of the devices that you pack coffee grounds into but I have yet to try it. I will have to pack a pound of coffee down next time we visit. It will relieve the guilt.

  • brenda

    While we were travelling and spending a few nights in hotels this summer it seemed that the hotels now have the little machines in their rooms instead of the normal ones.
    We tried the coffee several times and perhaps it was the “flavour” that the hotels had; but we did not like it. Seemed very weak and watered down. From that experience we would never purchase the machine. I wonder if the hotels get a poorer version of the coffee at a discounted rate as it was not good coffee.

  • John Calypso

    Croft – on Amazon you can get some mighty fan K-cups for less than 30 cents per (still spendy in my book) The example I listed has 80 “pods” for 29.95 and free shipping – really good coffee at that. But, again thankfully we like our grounds in the receptacles (we bought 3)

  • John Calypso

    Brenda – Hard to say – they also have freshness dates which may be exceeded by the hotels? You could find coffee you like I am sure – but as Croft noted it can get expensive. We haven’t decided if we are going to stay with it or not – pretty attached to the French Press method – but this is faster – for a retired person speed is not first and foremost – typically cost is ;-)

  • brenda

    I don’t know, I like a speedy cup of coffee first off in the morning lol.
    I actually just purchased some coffee from Coatepec the other day.

  • John Calypso

    We have some really fine coffee growing around here – and being harvested and processed ;-)

    We actually buy our coffee from an outfit in Xico – I will have to do an entry on them – really nice people; really nice coffee – Xico Grown.

    Anita drinks her coffee fast and likes the Keurig – again time will tell.

  • Kim G

    Supreme laziness is one of my salient qualities. Thus I grind coffee, put it in one of those one-cup filter holders and then pour boiling water over it. Of course I pre-heat the cup by microwaving water in it for a minute or two before brewing. This produces an excellent, hot cup of coffee, with virtually no clean-up, and lacking the environmental menace of a Keurig system. I compost the grinds in the garden.

    As for monitors, I recently spent some time to get my color calibration system working on my laptop and profiled/calibrated the monitor. The change in the quality of the images displayed was nothing short of amazing.

    That said, the laptop still has a pretty crappy monitor in that the colors change quite a bit depending on viewing angle. I’m looking forward to the day when I have a laptop with a higher quality monitor. For now, I do photo editing on a high-end CRT monitor.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we do have an electric kettle that saves us time.

  • Laurie Matherne

    I love my French press. The Keurig is great for conviencence, but the taste doesn’t compare, in my opinion. I recently purchased a new Kindle, but I am second guessing the purchase. I think a tablet would have been a better choice. Enjoy reading and drinking your coffee.

  • John Calypso

    I went back and forth between Kindle and Tablet. IN the end the tablet seemed to do so much more on the same essential platform. The proof of it all will be if I can read it at the beach like the Kindle does so well – we shall see.

  • John Calypso

    The best coffee we have had from the Keurig is our own ground coffee – which composts and cleans up pretty easily. The San Francisco Bay K-cups are not the plastic ones – they are designed environmentally (have to give them credit for that and some decent coffee as well.

    My latest laptop has an LED monitor that is quite nice – I enjoy larger monitors for movies and of course better sound (which is even more lacking than the monitor.

  • Croft Randle

    His local grocery store sells Starbucks brand at $9.95 per dozen pods. It is good to know cheaper alternatives are available.

  • John Calypso

    Keep in mind the SF coffee pods are excellent – better than the Starbucks ones in my estimation. Inexpensive – yes. Cheap no!

  • Penn Herald

    Very good post author. Gave me some useful knowledge. Thanks.

  • John Calypso

    Penn Hearld – Looks like spam to me? Have not seen any spam here for a couple of years. Or maybe not spam – but I think yes.