Unique Gift Idea

Here is a last minute Christmas gift suggestion. Would enhance any bare wall or even nicely accompany a wall with other such artifacts.



  • Steve Cotton

    Surf on, Dude. I hope you and Anita have a memorable Christmas.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Gracious and same to you – at least hoping you figure it all out (then you can tell us).

  • Christine

    Isn’t there a similar, life-size statute somewhere on the beach?

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Christine, have seen some different statues with our surfer – but no life size statue – this does NOT mean it does not exist. We don’t get out enough ;-)

  • Kim G

    I love it! The Mayan God of Surf!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the waves aren’t big enough.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    There is a lot of discussion about this here: ( ;-) ),18356,page=19

  • Andean

    I recently brought a few Mayans back with me from Mexico — statues for gifts. :)

    The seller claimed, one was the god of love and the other of intelligence (he only had these two). I bought them for their very attractive black onyx stone and carving. I did look them up when I got home, saw only a small resemblance to the claim… The god of fertility or of bees would not be good in this case…. LOL

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Andean – Agree! Fertility and Bees not a good mix or is it the birds and the bees kind of statuary ;-) I can’t keep my Mayan from Aztec eras straight either. so confused. All I am sure of is the world was supposed to end last winter solstice and we are still here. Is there an updated Mayan calendar? I will stop now.

  • http://honduras-gumbo.com/ Laurie Matherne

    I think this item should be on the wall of barber shop or men’s stylist salon. Look at those waves.

  • Andean

    The birds and the bees — good one :D
    If there is a new calendar I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon. That would mess up my trips for this year…