What I Am Doing On
My Vacation 2014

My Blogging Brother Steve Cotton has ripped out this disclaimer more than once: “This is what happens when I write without a research assistant.  And an editor.

“Well I messed up.” He said removing foot from mouth.

Shortly after posting my profound end-of-the-year quote from George Carlin, my amigo John (of John and Jane fame) sent me Internet-proofing-information dispelling any notion that the quote was penned by George Carlin.  In fact quite the contrary as Carlin in his infamous fashion denounced the piece in no uncertain terms.

I wrote right back to John qualifying my error with, “I suspicioned the work was not Carlin’s in that there were no dirty words included.” Come on – add a few hackneyed foul words and the piece has Carlin written all over it – no?

In any case there you have my public apology and for more information and a few links to clarify the issue still further – refer to yesterday’s entry comments.

It is a new year. I do not do review years because that is all here for the reading – why review anything more than yesterday – the last day of 2013:

The Last Day of the year from our balcony

Dateline: New Years Eve Day. The weather was perfect – as is pretty much every day of the six-plus months we spend in Puerto Escondido. It is like San Diego without all the traffic and bill boards. And as I always say, “Every day is Saturday in our life right now.”

The sun, one of the true pleasures about being alive, was in full bloom albeit seasonally adjusted-low on the horizon so Anita setup the sun oven. If you have been reading along you know we are GREEN PEOPLE I need not belabor that any further than to suggest FREE POWER from Father Sun on Mother Earth is a Good Thing.

Anita had been promising banana bread.  I cannot tell you what a temptress this woman is and continues to be even after these twenty-five plus years. And to add temptation on top of temptation there she was within photographic range working over a hot solar oven – here is proof:

 Looking down on our barbecue deck (note Solar Oven)

Note: Fetching Wife Approaches said Solar Oven with DARK glasses


We think we have had this solar machine for 17 years or so

Sun Goddess Checks the Temperature

350 F will work!

Nothing Says Lovin’ Like Something from the Solar Oven

Oh Yeah!

Folks life just does not get any better than this! If you do not think the sun was inviting on the last day of the year – take a tip from one of our resident iguanas -

Catching Some Rays on the Barbie

she was out sunning on the barbecue with no threat of cooking in the barbecue we are after all very civilized vegetarians.

Lovin’ the Sun!

This gnarly gal hangs with the calypsos daily. Proof positive we must be sun gods to her.

The last day was as good as the first he wrote as he began yet another new year. At nine AM January the first in Puerto Escondido the sea and the sky are one and even the earth becomes confused with the immensity of sunlight that envelops everything. There are no chinks. No breaks. No breaches. A blazing sun is the best representation of the infinitude of the universe. It makes us believe that nothing has a beginning and nothing has an end. Especially if (as is the case today) there is the sun and everything else pales in comparison.

Happy New Year to you all! May many days to follow in 2014 be cast with sun!

Stay Tuned!

  • Steve Cotton

    What a great way to end the year. I am certain the Mexican tourists who came down from the mountains to enjoy the holidays on the sunny beach have been a bit disappointed here. Our rain continues. But it did not dampen the spirits of my neighbors last night. I hope your 2014 will be everything you put into enjoying it.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    We stayed home and watched the fireworks from our the balcony – peaceful and sparkling ;-)

    Thanks -

  • Gravityx9

    That’s a pretty cool little oven – The bread looks goooooooooood. About how long does it take to cook?

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    70 minutes in the sun (without chasing it)

  • Gravityx9

    Yummy way to start the New Year! 70 minutes to banana bread bliss!

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Power Cost = 0
    Banana Bread – PRICELESS!

  • http://brendandroygoingtomexico.blogspot.com/ brenda

    Best wishes to you both in the new year.

  • Tancho

    We supplement our AC power with a dozen solar panels, have two solar water heaters for bathroom showers which work ok, so we suck some free energy in a way. We have too many clouds to worry about a solar oven although the idea is appealing. I think my big project for this year is going to be the rain catching cistern and a outside bread oven…..
    Or at least the thoughts of the projects are there……
    I wish I had done more passive solar design on the house when we were building it, but now I try to include some energy efficiencies in anything I put my labor into.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    We have both catch water and an outside wood burning oven at our Rancho in Xico. Will be doing some repairs on the catch water system in the spring. We have solar panels here in Puerto – yet to be installed. The Eco-Temp instant-on water heaters we are using are terrific and very affordable by the way. We seem to be on the same paths of efforts to save the planet – that is cool.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Gracious and tambien to you and Roy.

  • http://sparksmex.blogspot.com/ sparks

    The road to our community is so bad gringo friends stayed away and we didn’t go anywhere. Don’t think you could see fireworks if there were any. Half the neighborhood descended on my garage and partied until 5am. I quit way earlier

    Looks like the end of our 5 days of rain !!!

    Was this about your vacation?

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Happy New Year Sparks – Yes this is about my ONGOING “Every day is Saturday” vacation life ;-)

  • Croft Randle

    Your life is a vacation! I love it. I also love the idea of the solar oven. There are so many little things we can do to reduce our impact on the planet and you do at least your share of them. My hat is off to you and Anita.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    I think your life runs pretty much along those lines Croft ;-) Every little bit helps recycling, vegetarianism, composting, water and electric solar and wind generators; hybrid and electric cars, bikes and motorcycles etc. Happy New Year!

  • Kim G

    Feliz 2014. I can’t believe 2013 is already over. Where’s my flying car?


    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    Where it has been beautifully sunny and warm. Unlike Boston, which is expecting a BIG snowstorm tomorrow.

  • DonCuevas

    Our “solar panels” are just the many windows of the house, which, if the weather is sunny, we open. If not, we close them.

    At the Hotel Fiesta Paraiso in Zihuatanejo where we recently stayed, the water is solar heated and I was amazed how hot and abundant it was. Of course, that’s in tropical Zihuatanejo,not in the Michoacán highlands.

    Don Cuevas

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Kim – Tambien! Hope you are having great fun in SF! Great restaurants!

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Here in Puerto we have NO windows – only screened window openings ;-) Saves on glass – not needed where it never gets below 65 F ;-)

  • Cat

    All I have to say is, I wish I were coming to Xixo in April! I would love to meet the sun god and goddess! Please tell Anita that she has very beautiful hair! Happy 2014! :)

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    Cat – Thank you. It would be great to meet you. Come and visit us in Puerto – we have a guest room ;-) Anita reads along so you have already told her – Muchas Gracias.

  • Andean

    Not crazy about iguanas.
    But as we are now anticipating a blizzard like snow storm of around 8 inches or more in the NY area, I may want to trade places with the one pictured, and just sun.

  • http://vivaveracruz.com/blog John Calypso

    We like our iguanas – They actually can be friendly. My friend Charlie who lives here in a grand casa on the beach says, “I love my iguana.” Of course many folks like to eat them – I would probably draw the line on that if I ate meat – which I don’t.

    Best of luck with the snow – have almost forgot about that stuff – had a lifetime full of it in the past – nothing below 50 degrees for this hombre ;-)