The idea that one has a servant has never set well with my libertarian leanings. Additionally having been retired since 1993 where we embarked on more affordable lifestyle. It is gratifying     reading supportive  comments.

Did you see the movie “failure to launch? Basicly a story About 30′s Something children still living at home. Actually our son who came to live with us has been great fun and a joy to have around. He is mud 20′s and perhaps really just teasing us with talk of intention to stay – for the moment we enjoy his extended stay. It is fun to watch his integration into life here in the Punta.

We are lucky. His adaptive nature fits in Mexico.

Yours probably would too. Maybe we have taken too much for granted? I’m any case life is good south of the border. Now for The Day of the Dead. the new FIRE tablet is a bit clunky for writing a blog. More on this and election results soon. Stay tuned!