Being organized is more than a skill. I am convinced it is an inherited trait. My wife got the gene.

I am just an accompaniment to the process of packing it up – believe me.

I am the one that reasons out departure and arrival times – little else. I drive the car. But the real driving force of it all is mi esposa.

Going on a trip evolves for us. Gradually a stack of stuff builds in a corner or corners; that stuff goes.

This trip is more complex because we are going to spend time in two places: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. and then Capitan, New Mexico. We have family in one location and roots in the other.

Being residents of Mexico for foreigners like us is sort of like living on the Space Station. We return to earth once a year for supplies, then back to our cozy, lofty living South of the Border. We like it that way.

The trip is long and arduous. I am pretty sure Anita looks forward to it because if you are a planner and organized, challenging that skill set is exciting. Truly an adventure.

For me these days the trips seem to come closer together; closer than ever. It seems as if we are arriving only to start working on where we will be next – what with four houses to care for. Houses thousands of miles apart – one of which we have not seen in a year and a half – and time will be added to that until we return to Xico in a couple of months.

We have staked our claims in rather obscure locations. Capitan, New Mexico; Xico, Veracruz and Puerto Escondido (the Hidden Port) are not on anyone’s ten best places to live list. And we like it that way.

And the beat goes on. I will write you next from on the road to Las Vegas –

Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire
Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn,
So get those stakes up higher….

Talk to you soon from there. Stay Tuned!