The beginning of each year the Bloggers often write about cost of living issues as many of the annual fees come due or are paid. Couple that and the fact an increasing number of people are packing their stuff and heading to other countries where the cost of living is cheaper. It is no surprise that the number of expats is at record highs. By next year, it is expected to reach almost 57 million.

The Calypso Couple is in their eleventh year of Mexico Living. It is not a perfect life, but we are confident in the fact our cost of living has been reduced with a Mexican lifestyle.

For starters we left $5,000 of annual fees to live in the great state of Colorado (property taxes, State income tax, automobile fees and utilities etc.). Five K is no small factor in a retirees retirment financial package, and it was even more ten years ago than now – those numbers have surely risen.

We currently pay more annual taxes on a city lot in Kingman, Arizona than we pay fees for three houses, two motorcycles and a car in Mexico!

The general concensus is it is 120 percent cost of living compared to Mexico at 100 percent. I am sure this is higher in the outlying areas of Mexico and suggest our difference is more like 33 percent less expensive in our situation – so one-third less to live the same quality of life (or better) here in Mexico. Look at utility bills, car expenses, food cost whatever if you must,THAT is the bottom line. A good one!

Stay Tuned!