This is a catch-all. The kind Kim (one of my favorite readers – and I his) kids me about. Bouncing between subjects is just part of my conversational nature – one topic leads to another and so on.

We have been working daily on the new casa – many projects (read opportunities) there.

The tile was finished more or less a few days ago and we started in on tiling the kitchens (yes there are two). Because my arm is rested and the tiles are smaller (a conventional 33mm X 33mm, I took on the job myself. So it will be done slowly but the lines will be straight and tile set level. While this is going on the pantry cabinet we had made for Anita’s kitchen arrived in our courtyard where she is sanding and varnishing to our standards; obviously higher than our carpenter’s.

Enthralled with parota wood grain!

Seven year old cement has had plenty of drying time. Did you know cement gets harder for years after it is poured. By now this stuff is REAL hard.

Without a jackhammer and/or dynamite this protrusion is going no where.

We talked about using the cabinet somewhere else and having one made that will accommodate the error. Anita’s kitchen is much like those in the little houses designs. I think the entire area is less than 65 square feet (just for you non-metric people – 6 square meters to the rest of us). We are talking SMALL.

Anyway, the plan is to raise up the bottom to be sitting on a platform that rises above the inwardly out of plum return wall. I am sure it will work and be a darn sight easier than chipping dense rock disguised as cement.