Few things test a relationship more dramatically than a search for a dream home. Anita and I have been on this search for many years now (more than 30 – that is a long search).You get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when your partner rejects a home you believe suits you perfectly. If the attraction is shared, two hearts beat as one. If the attraction is not mutual, a couple can experience a range of painful emotions and conflict including the home as the “other person” in a relationship-threatening love triangle. Remodeling or building a home from scratch can be even worse.

Remodeling is the current Calypso mode. It has taken on a life of its own; not in the plan on this trip south – but now it is all-encompassing. Yesterday we completed laying tile in the second floor kitchen (there are two kitchens at La Villa Barra). Immediately there after, because the meter runs from 8:30 to 4:30 with our hired help, we had him start chipping away at the kitchen floor on the first level. Tomorrow (today) he will begin in earnest to lay tile in that cocina.

Remember a time when you bought or sold a home. What were the factors that led to your decision? How did you handle the details of your move? Was it an emotionally loaded experience as well as a real estate transaction? Have you ever owned more than one house at a time? How did you handle going from house to house? Have you ever considered or even bought a home in a different country other than your own? Follow along because these and other issues get covered (or uncovered) here. Next photos of the new kitchen tile – I promise. Stay Tuned!