The greatest good fortune for the older person, perhaps even greater than excellent health, is to have a world filled with projects – busy and useful escaping from boredom. I have no intention of making my last decades elderly.

The latest go round with the new-used La Villa Barra property (read project). The Calypso Couple have never been real estate flippers. But, we have owned our fair share of properties and made some seed money in the process.

Looking around (and looking at the new improved view from any floor – read on) already gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Yesterday, after gaining permission a few days ago to cut a couple and trim a few trees on a nearby property obstructing our south ocean views we acted; including hiring a trimming crew and firing up our Dewalt battery operated reciprocating sawzall.

I left the second battery to the Dewalt in Xico (grrrr) so I had to wait between charges of the single 18 volt battery which lasts but about 15 minutes in the field. The lithium batteries charge fast – but you do need to have at least two rotating between charging and cutting to enjoy uninterrupted work.

The consigned crew was short lived. During one of my charging breaks a large CAT backhoe rounded the corner to the dirt street that borders our southerly property line. Two rather official hombres followed in close pursuit. The big machine cut a large swath of anything in its way including several trees across the roadway – how cool! Great timing.

The neighbors came out exclaiming they had no idea the Comunal (community leaders) had this planned. Whatever the motivation it fit right in with our project. While I was considering how much faster the hired work crew could have been with chain saws rather than machetes, along comes the First World answer to high tech ‘clean-up’ mowing down everything in its way and leaving a fine beach access path.

Anita met up with the two officials declaring that she would not have hired people had we known they were on to this project. “On the contrary!” exclaimed an official that introduced himself as the President of the comunal. He went on to explain that this is what they want from the residents, participation in beautifying and keeping our collective properties free from wild brush etc. He thanked her. Welcome to the Hood

Now I am sitting back watching the wood workers installing the French Doors and the new kitchen doors – Progress is our most important product! Stay Tuned!