We needed to address the second level, beach facing, deck pretty much as soon as we had keys to the new house, La Villa Barra, project. The decking was rotted in spots and hazardous. Our favorite wood guy came out to have a look at that and some door and window issues.

We discussed replacing some planks. But after further inspection by pulling up a few of these planks and checking the beams we realized total replacement was really necessary. While not a large deck, this would be no small task – and working without a net.

We started the ball rolling on the replacement deck; deconstructing and salvaging some glass and parota wood and creating two sets of French doors for the first level; constructing new doors at kitchen entry on the second level and supplying a small cafe like table and chairs for the new deck. Some needed floor and encino handrail refinishing on hold.

A crew of five arrived on the scene carting a few weeks effort of gathering materials.

At issue were raising roof to take weight off one corner post – easily resolved and agreement – a bottle jack to provide alternate support. Wood type(s) to avoid short term life of pine decking in a hostile environment – the beach. There were nine beams that would be better in a sturdier wood than pine – and more costly.

As we all know remodeling is always more expensive than building new – this project was no exception.

The frustration continues with Mexican builder types starting at communication with the jefe (boss builder – maestro albañil) to poor work effort by 2 ayudantes principales talentosos, and 2 chalan minors. Five hombres of assorted construction labor flavors.

BEST ADVICE: The truth is one must be on the scene monitoring all activity. At that when it was all said and done there were several issues I did not catch until after they were gone and I had time to ponder and evaluate it all. So just saying be prepared, be there and keep your thinking cap on to stay ahead of it all.

As is often the case these days the frustrations of above suggested issues wormed its way out surfacing in my attitude when dealing with the maestro at the end. Later guilt set in that perhaps my expectations were unrealistic and the method used to express my discontent was counter-productive at the end of the day.

Diplomacy is as critical as any other issue in the building process here in Mexico – bottom line! Here I am thinking I may get that before I am finished with all this nonsense – time and my wife will tell. Stay Tuned!