Inconvenient rain is better than no rain at all. This the truth for the State of New Mexico which has totally recovered from living under the cloud of draught. New Mexico has had a lot of rain and affected a total recovery from the draught label.

What is good for the State, and truly we are happy for that, is not so good for the Calypso Couple who are living in a garage in Capitan, New Mexico.

Our mission here is to reduce the volume of possessions we had acquired over the last thirty-five years or so. It is a thoughtful job as things have memories and value and are often more than just simple possessions. The paper Mache pig currently resting on our little microwave has memories attached. We have wanted to have it in one of our homes in Mexico – but its place in line for transport always seems to have it become a victim of “No more room!” There are tools, toys and tokens of our pasts including those of our son and our dead parents.

The process of reassigning these items is arduous. And the rain every day does not make the process any easier.

We are wuses, truly. I am sitting before my laptop bundled in a sweater and sporting a wool cap – thinking it is nearly August – Summer time. But this morning is like a Fall afternoon. This time of day the big garage door which is two feet from my elbow often is warm from the eastern sun pelting its thin metal; not this morning. There is no comfort there.

I push the door up two feet or so. Light fills the east end of the garage. Beyond is our IKEA pine futon bed frame replete with queen size air mattress. Beneath covers Anita’s face peaks out. Eight o’clock is a respectable time to get up under these conditions.

I listen to NPR “Morning Edition”. Bill Cosby and the dentist that killed Cecil the lion are in major trouble – both outcasts. I have to go and check on several auctions running on Ebay and Craig’s List.

Convert stuff to memories. Maybe we will make enough money to take a vacation to Guatemala later this year?  Stay Tuned!