Saturday last we had lunch with John and Jane. We count ourselves lucky to have developed a friendship with them. John approached us here on the Blog a few years ago having stumbled on it while Googling info on the Xalapa area. He also found a common thread – we both worked for Capitol Records. He as an artist and me, well I wore several hats – none of which were entertaining.

You might imagine that people making music for a LIVING are at least a bit eccentric – John and I surely not exceptions. But what an interesting fellow. And lest we mistakenly narrow the stage lights John’s wife Jane is no shrinking violet – an attorney who still dabbles (I think once an attorney they always have at least a hand in the flame? It should be noted Jane manages all this with more than a hint of purple hair – she is cool. Truly an amazing couple.

Somehow John and Jane manage to be super busy involved in many things that we simply could not keep up with. Thus the opportunities to get together with them are far and few between.

When our lives align with the stars in a manner that connects the four of us up – well – the chatter cannot be stifled. One must wait their turn. And so it goes story after story catching up. And none of the reports are mundane I assure you. Even a hanging and a death by gunfire were in the reports – yikes!

But there was one poignant story I should share. It has a happy ending unlike the aforementioned bulletins; and for this we are ever grateful.

A few months back John and Jane were returning to their home outside of Coatepec here in Mexico from a walk with the dog. John describes his state shortly before arriving back at home as suddenly feeling unusual, weak and perhaps a little disoriented from what seemed like a physical alert or change.

They stopped a couple of times, but apparently he was not gaining on the changes – they advanced – an ache in his arm and across his chest – probably a tightening (I am guessing).  When they got home John chose to lie down and see where things were headed from there – still no comfort. They decided to call a doctor. They drove into town. Their report was no faith in the ambulance service here – which we found disturbing since we are always donating to those people – but I digress.

I am sure you have guessed by now as was confirmed by the doctor, John was having a heart attack. Here is an otherwise flaco hombre that gets reasonable doses of exercise. Does not drink or smoke etc. Not what you would call a candidate for a heart attack at all – but there you are.

From the doctor’s office to a large hospital facility in Xalapa with a note in Spanish from his doctor explaining his condition. He was immediately attended to and within an hour he had instant relief by way of a stent inserted in an artery in his thigh and scooted to a vessel blockage near the heart.

John was not gassed under. He reported that he understood in Spanish when the two docs shared that “it was open” in Spanish. His condition immediately remarkably improved. All the pieces had fallen together in such a way to address the problem quickly. The report is other than a small scared tissue area there is no heart damage. Whew!

John and Jane agreed that if this had happened in the U.S. he probably would not have had as good of outcome. The staff and doctors were very professional. They described the hospital as setup with all the latest equipment for such a situation.

The bill was $5,500 usd and they do accept credit cards We are so happy our friend is still with us. He continues to monitor and adhere to dietary and whatever modifications (again I think he did not have any bad habits prior to all this).

So we were caught up on all the big stuff – but as Jane suggested we have to get together for chapter two soon. People you care about can put it all in perspective. Life is Good and Stay Tuned!