This just in from Charles Schwab: As far as I can tell there is only ONE CHOICE if you want to drive. Pretty sure I do not want to live that close to China (Malaysia – apparently quite the bargain?).

DO NOT LIKE many of Ecuador’s rules – a long way from the U.S. and not cheap to get there or get STUFF there. It is much more third world than most parts of Mexico.

Panama – a BUNCH of CRIME. Guatemala the same. Costa Rica very expensive land – not sure where they get that cost of living figure – maybe for renters?

Columbia has a very shaky government and is a long way away.

Well not as far as Spain which is pretty wonderful and of course the most expensive of the considerations on the chart.

Weighing the cost to return from Mexico to the U.S. once a year (or two) knocks off several thousand dollars of its higher cost than other locations. And have you looked lately at the exchange rate of pesos to the U.S. dollar?

From here Mexico is looking pretty good. Thoughts?

Stay Tuned!