Technology change, we will call it, has had its way with me of late. I mean getting here to post an entry has been all but impossible!

I am trying to be patient.

30 minutes  a day with a good book may add years to your life, according to a new study. Out of 3,635 people surveyed about their health and reading habits, bookworms were 20 percent less likely to die over the next 12 years—even after researchers controlled for factors such as gender, education, and cognitive ability. I am trying to write with a hand held device. I pretty much hate the little pop up keyboard. Computer, laptop,notebook, handheld (like a firey Galxy), and finally a cell phone, all represent tool types. Just choose your weapon!

We are currently operating a new Kindle Fire. Too much toy like.  But Google now would learn a new angle-cloud technology, store data off site. Create a  new operating system wherein finding the roots has been handily complicated.

Whate  does this all mean? More money for Broadway Bill and company! And the App craze is nothing more than jargon from which to reach these heights. More on this as we continue this Blog.

I am a veracious reader. (I should live to a  ripe old age – see above). I am reading the new Bruce Springsteen autobiography. The first 40% was painfully  slow. Now deep into it, and I had to hang in there, I can say do not waste your time.

I will finish the book. I am retired after all. keep on reading here, it is more exciting! STAY TUNED!