Hello World!  It has been a while since you last heard from me. Bringing you up to date would be  a major task – so we will not go there.

What we can do is start afresh and get back to ‘normal entries’. I would like that – and it is my Blog after all.

I just had (have) my 70th birthday (yikes!). At that age it is the month of October – birthday month.  Before now it was birthday week. Once over 70 it must be birthday month. A day is like what a week used to be and now a day is like a month past.  Is this making sense?  Time is relative.

Getting old is not for the weak (of body or spirit). We tenacious hangers on are here taking up space, breathing air and collecting on past agreements (read collecting Social Security  ’benefits’). that would rather we would die and reduce the excess population. Please do not feel like you workers are picking up the tab on me – because my deal was made with the government back in the 50′s (that is 1950′s). I have never tried to alter the terms we entered on – they have modified the agreement many times – but the bottom line is we older folks should die and reduce the overhead.

I am not trying to be difficult – but I have no intention of leaving this mortal coil any time soon. One never knows.

We have been landlocked in Puerto Escondido for the last year. Our usual process had (has been) six weeks to two months in the US, Las Vegas is our home. Then two half year segments in Oaxaca, MX and Veracruz, MX; oh and throw in as much time as possible at our house in New Mexico;. lots of choices.

This Blog was started to record our adventures in a life in Mexico. Over the years (more than 10 now) we have broaden it to a general journal – still trying to maintain the theme.

Our son Julian is here to help celebrate the 70th – Family matters and his visit is the best of all of it. STAY TUNED!