I had an epiphany of sorts the other night and again the following morning. The full moon was center stage at all three levels of decks in our new casa La Villa Barra. The decks serve as places between in doors and out of doors. I like those locations.

I remember the first time I got to sleep outdoors. It was with my younger sister in the backyard in our own concoction of a tent – sheets and blankets attached to broomsticks and hoe handle what have you. The sense of mystery and magic of doing normal activities in an outdoor space began right there.

My first trip to Italy dining al fresco on the terrace of a dripping-with-charm hotel overlooking the Adriatic under an ancient vine covered pergola left me changed. It personified the elegance and sensuality of what an outdoor room should be.

Living in the Tropics affords one the luxury of sleeping with the windows open year round. On those special nights like last when the moon is full up, we open doors and let the magic light and the smells of out of doors spill in. The sound of waves breaking on the beach intensifies.

On nights like these I return to that childhood experience, remembering that we are creatures that respond to nature. We are nature at our very best, and anytime and anyway we can return to it, it restores us.

Is it any wonder after all we have created, that we are heading back towards simplicity and nature, being immersed in the complexity of life these days. We are drawn, I believe, almost magnetically, perhaps cosmically to these outdoor spaces – places where we are able to embrace our essential selves.

Life is Good here in the tropics rubbing elbows with the Pacific. Stay Tuned!