Here is our little Hippie table sitting on our deck in Pochutla, Oaxaca, Mexico.

We added the seat pads – not Hippie Traditional.

Back in the 70′s (as in 1900′s and 70′s) we were Hippies’. There are less and less of us Hippie types as time reduces. But, we that remain are far from forgetting our roots – which included that and the rest of the tree- for furniture.

I particularly liked the wood look and do to this day. Our new casa at the beach in La Barra plays to this as it is trimmed throughout with dark coated parota wood that has a beautiful grain. The second level is parota wood floor – nice! Like mahogany, parota has a richness to it that can be compelling. Being an old salt sailor type as well I have always loved teak and mahogany wood. My retail businesses in the 70′s reflected this in the furniture.

But best of all in wood boats I sailed and sailed upon. The Ocean, Wooden ships, and Hippie furniture keep the memories alive and feeling good.

Now here we are all these years later as if the 20th Century where only to be read about. The great wooden ships have all turned to plastics and a salon in a ship was left off at Moby Dick. But, not so here at Calypso Casas because we were there. When drinking coffee after doing easy hikes near calgary and watching the sunrise we enjoy the grain and the history of the little table and chairs recently acquired – yup – here in Mexico you can still find wood workers that are younger than the memory, but are able to construct the style as if it was their own.

We have been busy tiling, cleaning, replacing and repairing – but what a wonderful casa that is taking place. Retirement can be such fun! PEACE! And Stay Tuned!